“One Music Row” will be an impressive address

My good friend and client, Joe Meador of Grand Entertainment Group, is one of the driving forces behind Music Row Partners, the development team behind the proposed construction of a $52 million, 131,600-square-foot office condominium and residential penthouse complex at the head of Music Row.  The development is known as “One Music Row.”

The plans for One Music Row include renovation of the 6,600-square-foot Hamilton House mansion, which will feature a rumoured underground, full-service restaurant and conference space and meeting rooms for tenants.  Enveloping the mansion will be two buildings with a combined 95,000 square feet of office condos and 30,000 square feet of residential penthouses, a swimming pool expansion between the two new structures, a glass bridge between the old and new buildings, a fully landscaped, green roof and a three-floor underground garage.

Joe worked with other Music Row Partners Brian Huster, a developer from Del Mar, Calif. and Jack Climer, a real estate executive and developer from Rogersville, Mo., to buy the five properties on the northwest corner of Music Square West in order to develop One Musi Row.

 See the Tennessean article.

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