Savarino’s Cucina

After reading a Tennessean article in which Al Bunetta of Oh Boy Records is quoted as recommending this beautiful little Sicilian eatery in Hillsboro Village, I decided to try the place.  I’m never one to miss a good Italian meal!  Much to my surprise, I bumped into Al there having lunch with Jonah Rabinowitz, executive director of the W.O. Smith Music School.  I shouldn’t be surprised to find Al there, since there is a sandwich on the menu bearing his name.  As he told me, “that better than winning a Grammy!”  Al should certainly know, since he took home the coveted award in 1987 in the Best Contemporary Folk Recording category for his work on the Tribute to Steve Gooman.  Although I didn’t try it, Al’s namesake sandwich sounded tasty.  I do highly recommend the stuffed pepper and/or the lasagna, however, which I believe has to be the best in Nashville.  Don’t even get me started on the pastries!  This is Italian cooking at it’s finest!  Located at 2121 Belcourt.

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