Legal Resources

  1. U.S. Copyright Act (United States Code, Title 17)

  2. Berne Treaty

  3. Lanham Act

  4. U.S. Copyright Office

  5. Forms for Registration of Copyright

  6. U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

  7. Forms for Trademark Application

  8. Entertainment & Sports Law Journal (Published by the Forum on Entertainment & Sports Law Industries of the American Bar Association)

  9. Recent Copyright Legislation News

  10. International Trademark Association

  11. Music Publishers’ Association’s Resource Links

  12. Copyright Clearance Center

  13. U.S. Copyright Office, Circular 50 (Instructions regarding registration of musical compositions)

  14. U.S. Copyright Office, Circular 56 (Instructions regarding registration of sound recordings)

  15. U.S. Copyright Office, Circular 56a (Discusses distinction between musical composition and sound recording copyrights)

  16. Copyright & Fair Use

  17. Copyright Myths Explained

  18. Copyright Website

  19. The Copyright Society of the USA
  20. R. Mark Halligan’s Trade Secrets Home Page



Nashville Record Labels


 Chart & Publications


Mechanical Rights Organizations


Performance Rights Organizations



Other Music Industry Organizations

Intellectual Property

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