Songwriter’s Corner


Songwriter’s Corner is a collection of articles, many from the archives of Law on the Row, and web links which may be of particular interest to songwriters and music publishers. Please feel free to send me suggestions for topics you’d like addressed here.


All that glitters is not gold Tips for ascertaining the legitamacy of online songwriting contests and band contests.

Fair is not always “Fair Use” A discussion of the “fair use” defense

Music Publishing 101, Part 2: Forming a music publishing company
Music Publishing 101, Part 1: A brief history of music publishing
Music Publishing 101, Part 2: Forming a music publishing company.
Music Publishing 101, Part 3: Pieces of the Publishing Pie.

Music Publishing 101, Part 4: Show me the money!

Last Man Standing – collaborating with other songwriters.

Not Accepting Unsolicited MaterialsWhat songwriters can do to protect their ideas when submitting demo tapes to publishers.

Taming the Big Bad Record Company – What songwriters can do to improve their negotiating strength in an entertainment deal







1. NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL is a fantastic organization that helps songwriters worldwide. There are local chapters of NSAI in almost every major city in the country. If you’re a songwriter trying to break into the Nashville market, or just trying to find a common bond with other songwriters, this is the organization to join. Tell Bart Harbison I sent you.

2. Jeff Mallett’s Songwriter Site is packed with good information about songwriter, including a rather comprenhensive listing of useful websites.

3. I found this rather unique online service that allows you to create a “mind map” of ideas and save them online. It’s very intuitive and, I believe, useful for creative purposes such as songwriting:

4. Music Virtuosity is a relatively new site that provides, among other things, free video guitar lessons for professional instructors.



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  1. I posted a link on my blog. This is a great list of articles.

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